Working on Stick Biome


This week is well spent on the creative process. I was assigned to fix the maps of ProDnD and this week’s selected map is Stick Biome! Stick Biome consist of horizontal and vertical sticks, randomly placed on the map. But it delivers a poor playability, so I brainstormed some ideas with pen & paper (and tablet).

The current Stick Biome map looks like this:


And these are my initial sketches:

First I thought of sticks more structured and cleaner. But I thought maybe I could use patterns (+ and F shapes).

Figure 1. First attempts of finding the right one.


Figure 2. Bridges versus patterns

I ended up using shapes that are not stick and added more circles, fluid figures.

Pasted image at 2017_10_18 02_47 PM

Figure 3. Tablet sketches (with more non-stick figures)

I recieved feedbacks about not drawing them on a tablet instead of good ol’ pen and paper. Also, the tablet sketches seem off, looks more crumbled and which one is which number is not clear. And the fatal error was this: I was getting away from the stick idea. Instead of creating circles and rectangles, I had to stick with the stick biome (pun not intended)

So I sketched one more time and I was determined to use more sticks and rectangle-ish figures. The end result was this:


Figure 4. Almost there…

Then my supervisor told me that 1-2 and 8 were on the right track. We singled these three out because they improved on the existing stick generator and did that in a KISS (keep it simple stupid) manner… So in the final result, we decided to add Diagonal sticks as well as Overlap Percentage parameters to determine whether there should be diagonal sticks and also to determine sticks should overlap with each other or not.

Diagonal sticks are determined with a yes-no parameter (you can see them in the second row). Overlap Percentage determines the sticks’ overall overlap status, should there be more crossed lines or sparse, lonely lines. 😦

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-18 at 17.34.25

Figure 5. Done!

So this concludes this week. I learned to pay attention and let my imagination run wild within the rules. Also, good ol’ pen and paper is your friend, always. Take notes, everyone!

See you in next week!

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