Last updates of the year ❄

Hello all! First of all, I wish a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! I hope that this year will bring us more luck, more happiness and more ProDnD maps and lots of merry campaigns…
This week’s been less job and more education. I only did some last minute refactoring and added anchor points to the screenshot. When you print your maps you’ll see tiny red dots on the top right corner. This is an indicator that tells you the orientation of the pages so you won’t be confused.
We prepared our release builds, pushed them to the markets and before the New Year craziness and holiday spirit we decided to have an educational last day of the year at Gray Lake Studios. Our Senior developer Arda has taught us a several Unity and programming tips and tricks, via Unite conference YouTube videos and such. I’m sharing the links with you so you can watch as well.
This video is about SOLID principle and how do you apply this on Unity.
This video is about Entitas, an entity based framework on Unity.
And also you can look at my notes that I took while Arda was lecturing 🙂
See you in next year! 🙂

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