Update of this week! Games and tutorials!


Hello! It’s been a wonderful new year event for us and I hope that it’s the same for you!

This week’s update is the Share feature of ProDnD. I fixed the Share button (somehow the needed components were missing so I replaced them) so you can share your maps on Reddit with ease!

Other than that, as Gray Lake Studios, all together we played a board game called “Betrayal At House On The Hill” and I must say it was so much fun! It was my first board game session and surely it’ll be the best one. The game is “procedural” so there were lots of unpredictable moments. We had so much fun and this game session has shown me that board games are a-w-e-s-o-m-e!

We recorded the game session so it’ll be available on YouTube in near future. (The session is Turkish.)

Next thing I’ve done in this week is watching some tutorials about Unity. The first tutorial I’ve watched is about the newest Unity feature, the TileMap. I WAITED for months for this feature and I was so eager to use, but unfortunately, tutorials were kind of late. But the wait is over and you can find it below.

The second tutorial is about SOLID design principle. I’ve decided to get into the design patterns and refresh my memory from school, so I watched some videos about it. They are important aspects of programming and with them, the process gets easier and you’re less prone to make mistakes. You can watch them with these links I’m going to share.

See you in next week!



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