Hello all. This week I studied lots of noise theory for making the new map called “Road with River and Forest”.

When I started to the making the map, I figured out that I needed to apply more advanced noises, like Perlin Noise. Noise is created when we assign a number to a map tile between 1.0 and 0.0. 0.0 is black while 1.0 is white. The Perlin noise looks like this:

I consider this map as an elevation map. White areas are highest points while black areas are the smallest. Think of mountains, hills, valleys, water etc. Also, Perlin noise tends to give the exact same result, so I need to adjust the frequency as well as adding some X and Y offset to give it a “pseudo-randomity.”

And when I apply this noise on the map:

image (4).png

Quite good. But not enough. This is just Perlin noise and wanted to try some other noises as well. This was Unity’s Perlin Noise, so I searched and found a library called FastNoise. I implemented its C# version and got several results:

Cellular Noise:


Cubic Noise:


Fractal Simplex:

image (5).png

Value Fractal:

image (7).png

The water, dirt, and rock percentages are different from each other. I will continue to adjust the noises and try to create a normal habitat that is straight out of Mother Nature, and also fun to play with.

So stay in tune!





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