Noises vol2.


Hello all! This week I spent my time more on adjusting the variables of the map earlier I was working on, and I produced more noises, thanks to FastNoise library.

Here you can see the results with different scales and different noises:



Cubic Fractal:


Perlin Fractal:



Value Fractal:

Whire Noise:

white noise.png

These are the results and I tried to get a result with Fractal noises (for water and rock) and white noise (for forest):

image (8).png

The parameters should be adjusted as well, but in my opinion, these parameters look good. The real struggle is that in Unity’s Perlin Noise the results are positive numbers while in Fast Noise the range for the noise is between -1.0 and 1.0. There are negative numbers to work on as well, so I extended the parameter range according to this. Finding the exact map that suits my taste is kind of hard thing to do but not impossible.

I’ll be updating you when I experience an Evreka moment 🙂 an I’m really eager to release this map with a river added!

So stay in tune!


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