Blocky Noises?


Hello all! This week has been quite busy! We are almost releasing our new generator but we still worked on for a few things.

First of all, we saw that the forest generator had some un-natural looking. When we use Perlin noise by Fast Noise, we had “blocky” results, like this:


In order to prevent that, we tried to make it more “fractal” and added parameters to adjust the noise’s octave and lacunarity setting.  But before that, I should show a little glossary.

Frequency means more elements in the map. Think of as zooming in and out of the map, when you zoom, we have less frequency, therefore, you see less element. Zooming out, you can see more of the map, more trees more water and mountains etc.

Octave is the sum of different frequencies. Octave makes the map busier and makes it more natural. Like in this example, we add different frequencies and in the end, we use the result.


Lacunarity determines how quickly the frequency increases with each octave. This leads to elements get more crunchy and fractal.


But we did not rest here! We tried different noises in order to eliminate these blocks and we tried the Perlin noise from different libraries.

image (9).png

The noises are (in order): FastNoise, Unity and LibNoise Perlin noises. They have the same frequency and the same octaves, although LibNoise has more fractal results, meanwhile FastNoise have more blurry results. But in LibNoise and in FastNoise we can adjust the noises’ parameters(octaves, frequencies etc.) with their built-in functions. On the other hand in Unity’s Perlin Noise does not have them. Also, the libraries have more built-in noises such as Simplex, Value, Cubic etc. That makes them more superior than Unity.

When I read about Perlin noise’s blocky/horizontal results, a couple of people had this issue, even Minecraft had this blocky result on its maps.

According to my research, Perlin noise’s nature allows such results and people needed to have some precautions in order to have more natural terrains.

Next week I will implement a solution to this issue and hopefully publish my generator on ProDnD!

Stay in tune!



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