Bug Hunting!


Hello folks! This week’s been quite busy, I’ve worked on a bug that prevented users to download the user-generated maps. When users try to access our subreddit r/ProDndMaps from their devices, they can see our user-generated maps but failed to download to the app. When I started to investigate what is going on, first I checked a commit way back before. Like December… In this version, loading map from Reddit (either from the web browser or QR code) is working.

So I tried to understand what was changed during that commit to present. I checked the used scripts for Share & Load feature in almost every commit. It took three days to hunt the bug but eventually, we found it, somehow the function LoadMapFromQR (this function manages and implements the maps that came from the web browser and QR code) was not used, instead, another function was assigned but it was missing as well. I did not realize the assigned button functions was corrupted but thanks to Erhan, we managed to find it and fixed it right away. Now users can happily share their maps and download them from the Reddit page and play them with their cozy and fun DnD sessions…

Also in next weeks, we will be preparing for some big changes…

Stay in tune!


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