Subscription in progress…


Hello guys! This week’s update is about Google Play and NGUI, where we are renewing our in-app purchases and Store scene according to these changes. First of all, we are changing our in-app model to Subscription. It means, users will pay weekly, monthly or yearly and with this users can access our concent fully. Implementing is easy with Google Play and Unity IAP, only we assign an id and select its ProductType to Subscription. Also, we needed to change entire store logic in our game. For this, I changed the layout of the store UI. We have only three buttons to select a subscription model, for weekly, monthly or yearly.


Then, according to the selection, the user will be subscribed to any of these options. The process will be handled by Google Play APIs and Unity IAP. When the purchase process will be executed with success, all the items will be available to the users. In this week I improved my ability to read manuals and apply API calls to the project. Also, I needed to study the entire store system, which helped me to read and think about the existing system, and how I can apply new changes.

I am going to work on it and hopefully, this update will be released by next week.

Stay in tune!


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