Subscription continues…


Hello! This week’s been quite busy with the subscription! This week we did change the store system, instead of buying and unlocking items one by one, with the subscription system, the items will be unlocked overall and will be locked when the subscription ends. Though this functionality needs to be tested, as we had problems with this current store system. Some users had issues with having their items locked without any reason. The thing is, it is hard to produce the exact same bug environment to test, everything is working correctly in our environment but sometimes this functionality seems working incorrectly in others’ devices. We hope to fix these issues with the subscription system.

In our current store, every user has their receipts for their bought items. In our store code, the receipt is checked. The receipt contains IDs of the purchased items, the functions process these IDs and voila, the items are unlocked. In the subscription model, this is quite the same, although we have to deliver the item altogether, so we need to access our whole library of items, not just one item. This is achieved, as well. Now it’s time to test the functionalities and make sure this works correctly.

This also consumed our huge amount of time because Google has been problematic about test purchases. When we were testing refunding/revoking items, the items were still present even though the user’s purchase has been refunded. We found out that test realm of Google Play is a little bit of chunky, also we had to revoke the items manually. And also in order to avoid falsely locked/unlocked items, we will make sure that subscription lock/unlock system will be working as intended.

Stay in tune and don’t forget to roll to initiative!


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