Subscription Model is Done : Part 2


In this part, I’ll be talking about our testing process. Testing took a huge part of our development because of our previous experiences with the current store. Users had issues with the store, especially about locking/unlocking. Some users reported that after updating our app to a higher version, their items got locked and similar issues. The tricky part is sometimes we cannot create the same bug or bug environment in order to track the issue and fix. To prevent this, we created some user cases and tested according to the button

First of all, we needed a subscription prototype to test the code whether it unlocks with the subscription starts and locks when it ends. It was easy to do, when an item is bought within Google Play, the receipt is saved o the user’s account. When the receipt comes to the app, the app’s code will get these receipts and unlocks according to it.

The hardest part (not to make but to test) was handling previous purchases of an existing user. The subscription model is easy for the new users. Just hit the button, pay for it and that’s all. But for the existing user… We need to get the previous purchases’ receipts, get the subscription’s receipt and lock/unlock according to the receipts. The logic is simple, having a receipt means unlocking the item. But being a test user and making purchases was hard. Hard because somehow the purchases we made before the subscription model vanished when we downloaded the beta with the subscription model. And this situation made us doubtful because we weren’t sure whether we are doing the right thing. To test it more realistically, we bought the items with real money within the production release. After buying, we installed the beta version with subscription model onto our Android device. (I’m not even counting the failures of being not able to opt out of testing, somehow Google won’t even get our accounts out of the beta. To test this more accurately we had to shut down all the beta testing itself, and our problem is solved.)

Success! After lots of testing, we are sure that the code is working nice and easy. Only some tweaks are needed, after that, we are fully ready to release our Subscription Model and we are so excited about it.

Stay in tune for more updates!

Subscription Model is Done! : Part 1


Hello folks! This week’s been a blast! We have done the Subscription Model and ready to engage!

I’ve done its UI as well as the testing of locks/unlocks. I want to talk about the UI first. UI is made by NGUI plugin and as a Unity UI user before, I saw lots of resemblances between them (I know Unity acquired NGUI) and I had no brief knowledge  of NGUI before. Thanks my prior knowledge about Unity UI (and some little research), I was able to adjust the new Store with Subscription Model.


The tricky part is adjusting all the items in the scene (labels, panels, texts, buttons etc.) with anchors. Anchors lets us adjust the items according to an another item in the scene. My main items to take reference are the left menu and the white background. I decided to take the center of the white background and the right edge of the left menu.


As you can see, the yellow lines indicate the anchors. These anchors allows me to make this scene adjust itself according to the screen resolution of an Android device. And it’s needed since there are thousands of devices and every brand/model has different resolutions. We want to see the app as similar as possible with every device, so we need to use them.

I’ll be talking about our testing process in the Part 2!

Stay in Tune!

Subscription UI


Hello folks! Subscription is almost ready! We got the store adjusted, we got the subscription models ready, we tested the lock/unlock status (our only challenging feature in the app 🙂 ) and here we are. The last to do item on our list, the UI.

My first attempt to do the UI was simple, inspired by other subscription-based apps.

image (10).png

But the feedback is that it is too bland. It does not explain the content enough. We should be able to tell the players what the contents they will receive, and make it spicy enough to make them excited about the products. UI and UX are So, I added some pictures to amplify the scene!


But the buttons need rework, hopefully, we will fix these graphical issues and publish it as soon as possible!

Stay in tune!