Subscription is OUT!


Ladies and gentlemen… I announce you that…

Subscription is RELEASED!!!


At last, we successfully released this feature and now you can subscribe to our app for unlocking all the features and also have an access to monthly new content as well!

In these last weeks, I’d like to talk about what we’ve been through and what we learned so far.

Last two weeks, we were testing… and testing… and testing… as if we are some scientists from Aperture (refer to Portal :)). We had weekly, monthly and yearly subscription models. We needed to make them upgradable/downgradable since users might subscribe to  Weekly model and would like to upgrade the subscription to Monthly or vice versa. But later, we figured out that Unity IAP does not have the functionality about this issue and I was informed that this will be patched within a few weeks.

(I must say that we had issues with Unity IAP yet the community is so helpful, we can get answers from the developers straight through the Unity Forums and I appreciate this.)

Later on, we wanted to test lock/unlock issue with subscription again, whether the app locks the items while there are no subscriptions and vice versa. The thing is when the subscription is canceled, the items get locked AFTER HOURS. I really don’t know if it is only for the test realm of Google Play or something within Unity IAP but according to the forum answer that I recieved for this question, this will be also patched with the next update. We thought of waiting, but we also wanted to do an A/B test, where we can test with a percentage of the users. So we changed the subscription model only for Monthly and then we released it with a certain percentage of the users.

We will update our subscription model to the triple model (weekly, monthly, yearly) when we receive the Unity IAP patch.

Stay in tune and rock on!

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