Browsing Maps… In Reddit App!


Hello folks! This week we are currently working on some changes regarding browsing maps in the app. Players can browse maps in the app’s built-in browser, connect to your Reddit account and voila, you see the maps. But we wanted to change that. In the built-in browser, the images of the maps aren’t shown in the thumbnail, and we wanted the players to be able to see the preview before opening it in the app. It helps to enhance the user experience, users can browse the map section as a catalog.


First, when you open the app, you see the Load menu button. When you tap on it, there comes a bunch of other sub-buttons such as Online Map. Tap on it, and the app automatically opens up the Reddit Official App, instead of the internal web browser.

Screenshot_20181019-121846 (1).png

Here, you can see our subreddit in the Reddit Official App. The reason we took this approach because the official Reddit app allows us to show the map’s screenshots as previews in the posts. Quite beautiful, isn’t it?


When you open a map’s thread, it looks like this. You can see the map in the preview. Tap on OPEN IN APP(mobile only) and it will redirect you to the Gray Lake Studios’ website that allows you to download the map.


Tap on Load Map and voila! You downloaded the map!

And also, if you don’t have the Reddit app, a message will be shown and then you’ll be directed to the Play Store page of Reddit app.



So, that’s a wrap! I hope you like this new feature!

Stay in tune!



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