An apology, a brief update…


Hello folks! Eylul here! I guess I owe an apology for deserting the blog for a long time ^^”. Well, I’m still here, working hard and make sure to deliver the best features for ProDnD! So, shall we have a look at the latest updates?

1. Seed Functionality & DeepLink!

With this feature, players can share the maps they’ve created, without events or props. This feature shares the map’s parameters and the seed value that has been generated with. “Seed” is a random integer that the app uses to generate exactly the same map. Think of it as an ID, when you enter the seed, the app produces the same result. With this, sharing the map’s basic information made easier.

Sharing the map is also easy with Deeplink feature of mobile apps. Deeplinking allows the mobile apps to communicate with each other with a special link. When you click on the link, the targeted app opens and fetches the information that came along with the link. With this case, we share the seed value along with the parameters (width, height, noise amount etc.) and create a link out of these variables. You can use and share the links.


In this gif, we are generating a map and copy/paste the generated map’s seed (including its parameters as well).

2. Scrollable & Extended Text Area for Events and Map Description 

When a user wants to write a description for an Event (or a map description) the text didn’t allow the user to write extensive and detailed text, the text area wasn’t scrollable and the character limit was pretty tight. But now, it has a 2000 character limit and, guess what, scrollable!





3. New Props!

We released a good amount of new props to place on the map you created! Props are the best tools to add some spice to the game session, they make the map quite look good and makes the map filled with adventure!


4. Bug Hunting & Maintenance

Along with developing the new features, overall maintenance for the app is always a primary objective to us. We make sure to deliver the best experience, so we work on the app all the time!

So, here is the brief summary of the times that I didn’t write to the blog ^^” I want to make a promise for writing more regularly, starting with this week! (Hopefully)

Stay in tune!



Flash Update!


Hello folks! I’ve been kind of busy these days so I couldn’t update the blog. You can see my recent works here:

1. Rectangle and Circle Drag Brush

rectangle and circle.gif

With this tool, you can create rectangles and circle while you drag.

2. Props with Sorting!


And here we have Props with two sorting functionality. You can sort by Catalogue Types and alphabet!

I’ll be back with more updates, so stay in tune!

New features, small fixes Part 2: Bucket Fill!


Hello folks! In this part, I’ll be talking about our second feature that I finished this week and it is… Bucket Fill! One of the most anticipated features for editing your maps! Now you can fill the areas you want!

fill bucket.gif

As you can see in the gif, you can select a type, tap on the area you want to fill, and here you go! Also, you can undo and redo the changes you’ve done.

For implementing this, the good ol’ Flood Fill algorithm helped me a lot. You can find detailed info from this link but TLDR:

We create an empty queue. Then in a while loop we enqueue the cells around the center cell , dequeue each one in an iteration and change their Type (color) till the area is empty.

It was an easy one to implement and had fun while I remembered the days I saw this algorithm from my university days.

In Part 3, I’ll be talking about Rectangle brush!

Stay in tune!

Hello world!


First post!

Hello! I’m Eylul, a fresh CS graduate, and an aspiring game developer. I’ll be sharing my experiences on this blog from now on.

This week was my first week at Gray Lake Studios, a game development studios based in Netherlands.

My position at GLS is my first official job in the games industry, besides my internship at No-Pact. These few days are my orientation days and I’ve been learning quite a bit already.

My first week is about getting used to the job and starting to work on the studio’s most ambitious project, ProDnD.

The app can be used for DnD sessions, for generating maps according to a setting, placing events and sharing them with everyone. It is an interesting project to start with, and I am eager to share what I’ve learned.

I  will (hopefully) update this blog every week, so stay tuned!